Nelson calls on band to release album with his vocals – then says ‘Goodbye’ and deletes Facebook and Twitter accounts

Dan Nelson

Need to be heard: Dan Nelson

Former Anthrax singer Dan Nelson has slammed the band which sacked him for their “cash grab” attitude, and has called on them to release Worship Music, the album they recorded with him in 2009.

The thrash giants sacked Nelson ahead of what was to be their return-to-form tour and release, with those who’d heard the studio work reviewing it positively. After a short stint with previous singer John Bush they recruited classic-era frontman Joey Belladonna for their Big 4 shows with Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth.

Last night Nelson slated the band for not releasing the shelved album, before closing his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

He said: “I just listened to Worship Music with my vocals. While I understand the Big 4 cash grab, I hope the fans get to hear this. They more than deserve it.

“I won’t share it with anyone out of respect for the band. I still respect them and what they accomplished, so no leak from me. It’s sad that I still respect them, but that’s how I was raised.”

Referring to an unfounded rumour that he was sacked after defacating on bassist Frank Bello, Nelson said: “It’s over two year that I will never get back from my life that I slept, bled and shat – not on Bello – for them.”

And he paid respect to Bush and Belladonna, adding: “Many props to John, who’s a class act. Joey is a great singer who’s going to sound killer on anything he does. He always has.”

But he insisted that people to hear the work he and Anthrax mainman Charlie Benante put in, reporting that they focused on the material while Bello was otherwise engaged and guitarist Scott Ian was spending time with his wife.

He said: “People should hear the songs the way Charlie Benante and I made them before anyone else got involved, while Bello was pissed he wasn’t a frontman and Scott Ian was busy with Pearl.”

Benante replied to Nelson’s Facebook post, inviting him out for a drink, but Nelson didn’t comment publicly. After a series of comments directed at those who’d posted negative comments online, Nelson wrote “GOODBYE” and deleted his accounts.

The singer recently announced two new projects: Blackgates with drummer Paul Bostaph of Testament, guitarist Jeremy Epp of the Venting Machine and ex-Whitsnake bassist Uriah Duffy; and three-piece outfit Farewell to Washington, which he describes as a “fun” band.

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