Girlfriend tells of concern as Motley Vince takes on long shifts in hope of getting out early for good behaviour

Vince Neil

Extra duties: Vince Neil

Vince Neil isn’t eating or sleeping properly in jail, says his concerned girlfriend – because he’s taking on extra work shifts in the hope of getting out early for good behaviour.

The Motley Crue singer started a 15-day prison sentence last Tuesday following a drunk-driving conviction in Las Vegas. That followed his jail time in 1984 for killing Hanoi Rocks drummer Razzle Dingley while driving under the influence.

Now his other half, TV reported Alicia Jacobs, says she’s worried about his lifestyle – although Neil says things are going reasonably well behind bars.

Jacobs tells LVRJ: “He’s not eating much other than peanut butter, Doritos and stuff like that. He had a baloney sandwich one day. It’s not optimal conditions.

“He volunteered for jail duties to reduce his sentence, so he’s serving breakfast to his inmates starting at 4am, lunch at 10am and dinner at 4pm, in addition of mopping, vacuuming and cleaning showers.”

“He said everybody’s been kind. The jailer who processed him told me Vince was the most humble celebrity he’d ever seen and has very kind eyes. He said he judges people by their eyes.”

Before reporting for his jail term Neil insisted he’d finally learned his lesson and would take responsibility for his actions. Once Neil is released he’ll spend a further 15 days under house arrest.

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