Victim tells of Motley singer’s attack on former girlfriend as battery report is filed over outburst in Las Vegas Hilton

Vince Neil

Dr Feelbad: Vince Neil

Police are investigating Vince Neil again after he allegedly assaulted his ex-girlfriend at a concert in Las Vegas on Thursday night.

The Motley Crue frontman recently served a second jail term for drink-driving after partying in the Las Vegas Hilton in June. Just after his release TV host Alicia Jacobs announced she’d ended her relationship with him “due to decisions he continues to make.”

Jacobs and two friends were attending a comedy show at the same hotel, where Neil owns a restaurant, when the singer appeared and became verbally abusive. He’s said to have jabbed his finger at Jacobs and her friend before leaving ahead of security staff’s arrival.

Las Vegas Sun reporter John Katsilometes, one of Jacobs’ party, says: “Vince ambled into the showroom and told us to fuck off. He was shouting ‘Fuck you,’ first at me, then at Tricia McCrone, seated immediately to my left, and finally to Alicia.

“Just as soon as he spewed, he wheeled away and skulked out. Alicia, her eyes tearing up, went out to reason with her ex. No chance – he shouted her down, saying he was upset with her and everyone at the table for unflattering media coverage.

“It was clearly a case of felony buffoonery, and maybe worse – Tricia and Alicia say he poked them with his right forefinger and Alicia came away with a circular bruise on her right shoulder.”

Police were called and a battery report has been filed against Neil.

Katsilometes is thought to have angered Neil after reporting how the singer’s car has been seen parked outside venues while he was known to be drinking inside. Neil has replied by stating he no longer drinks and drives, but takes rides home or stays in hotels instead.

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