Police quiz guitarist Dave over incident where woman found herself in his hotel room without knowing how she got there

Dave Navarro

Question time: Dave Navarro played witness

Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro has been questioned by police after a drugging incident in which a fan wound up in his hotel room without knowing how she’d got there.

The band played in Aspen, Colorado, on December 30 last year. After the show a 29-year-old woman reported she’d been drugged – but she’s not accusing Navarro of any wrongdoing.

The victim says she was careful to put napkins over her drinks during the show, because she believed she’d had a beer spiked at the same venue in 2009.

She reports: “I do not remember leaving the Belly Up venue, but I remember waking up the Viceroy Hotel.” Security staff say they found here collapsed in a hallway, where she’d thrown up. Her husband called the police the following day after she told him about her night.

Navarro has told investigating officers he showed “poor judgement” in letting the woman into his room. His statement says: ‘I met her a year earlier at a concert in Aspen or Denver. I have an interesting friendship with her, but she is a little unglued. The relationship is platonic.

“She was intoxicated beyond belief. I had to throw her out of my room.”

The guitarist describes the woman’s state as “medically or chemically incapacitated.” Asked if she could have been under the influence of a drug other than alcohol he says: “It’s in the realm of possibility.”

Hotel staff allowed her to sleep off the worst of her condition before a security guard drove her room. When her husband called the police she declined to undergo blood and urine analysis.

Investigating officer Rick Magnuson says: “Mr Navarro was interviewed as a witness to her state of being. Police do not have a suspect and so the investigation has reached its logical conclusion, based on current information.”

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