Gerard Way claims his band recorded light tracks and let Glee use one of them as part of subversive plot

Gerarg Way

Subversive: Gerard Way

Gerard Way claims My Chemical Romance have embraced a poppier sound in order to wreck the easy-listening genre from the inside.

And he insists they allowed their track Sing to be used on TV musical show Glee as part of a subversive plot.

Way tells the News of the World: “We wanted to get into that world and do some damage.

“Sing is an anthem attacking corporate society – and yet these it is on Glee. Some social pundits picked up on that and hit out at us. That’s brilliant – the song is attacking who it’s meant to attack.”

Way’s comments come after American extremist TV host Glenn Beck criticised the lyrics for Sing, condemning it as “propaganda.” The singer replied by saying: “I think the word Glenn Beck was looking for was ‘subversion’ not ‘propaganda’, because I don’t know what it would be considered propaganda for – truth? Sentiment?”

Now Way says: “People have asked us why there are some pop songs on the new record, and my response is: ‘To be subversive.’

“It’s good to know a rock band can still have that impact.”

MCR released fourth album Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys last year, and will release new single Bulletproof Heart at the end of the month.

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