But Bellamy admits he’s hoping to blag a free flight on Branson’s passenger ship – and avoid the $1.2m fee


Spaced: Muse

Muse frontman Matt Bellamy wants to record a song or a video in space – but he’s hoping he can persuade billionaire Richard Branson to foot the bill.

The richest man in the UK is thought to be worth over $4bn, so he could easily afford to cover the costs. Tickets on Virgin Galactic’s planned flights cost $200,000 each, with a total of six seats on the SpaceShipTwo vehicle – and the band would need to book an entire flight to get their wish.

Bellamy says: “We’re trying to blag a free trip on it. I’m going to try to convince Ricahard to let us make a music video, or even record a song up there.

“I think that would be cool. Would I be scared? No, I think I’d be alright.”

A $20,000 deposit is required to book a ticket on the flight which includes three days of preparation, training and health checks before takeoff.

SpaceShipTwo will be carried to the higher levels of Earth’s atmosphere by a double-hulled shuttle plane, before being released and accelerating to 3000mph, four times the speed of sound.

It will travel into the suborbital part of space above the Earth, where passengers will experience near weightlessness, then it will home.

No commercial flights have yet taken place, although the vehicle completed a successful test in May. Virgin Galactic say they have taken over 400 ticket deposits.

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