Suicidal Tendencies frontman Mike’s career nearly ended through back problems – so he’s furious when audience member jumps on him

Mike Muir

Fury: Mike Muir

Suicidal Tendencies frontman Mike Muir exploded with rage after a fan rushed the stage and jumped on his back at a concert in Sydney, Australia this week.

Muir has had surgery on his back twice in the past decade and at one point believed his career was over because of his health issues.

They’ve been back on the road, on and off, for the past five years. But when a women threw herself over him during the Australian show, Muir marched offstage and his band followed at the end of their track Cyco Vision.

But they came back on – and Muir vented his anger at a supportive audience.

He said: “I work hard up here giving everything I’ve got. I’m not ready for a fucking fat bitch to jump on my back when I ain’t looking.

“I give my heart and my soul. If a stupid motherfucker’s going to jump on my back I’ll beat the fuck out of you.”

Moments later he appeared to have calmed down as he encouraged some of the crowd to climb onto the stage and led the room with chants of “ST.”

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