Wildheart wishes former Supershit bandmate well in his new role – and singer’s 49th birthday show is streamed in full


Replacement: Dregen

Backyard Babies guitarist Dregen has replaced Ginger in Michael Monroe’s band.

The Wildheart recently announced his departure, citing disagreement with management and dissatisfaction with some elements of the band’s live show. He played his last concert with Monroe, a celebration of the singer’s 49th birthday, at the weekend – see the full set here.

Ginger has given his blessing to Dregen’s move, saying: “It’s the right thing – Michael deserves the best around him. I can do other things but Michael only has that band. I’d rather Dregen helped Michael.”

Guitarist Steve Conte, formerly of the New York Dolls, reports: “We’re really happy about this. The new band lineup is a killer.

“Replacing a member is never easy, especially one who was so instrumental in the writing, playing, singing and recording of an album. But we’re all pleasantly surprised at what an easy transition this will be.”

Dregen, real name Andreas Svensson, 38, is a former member of Supershit 666 which also featured Ginger. He will make his first appearance in Helsinki on June 26 when Monroe opens for the Foo Fighters.

The Michael Monroe band also includes former Hanoi Rocks and current New York Dolls bassist Sammi Yaffa and drummer Karl Rockfist.

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