Bassist hopes to retain colleagues’ friendships after “becoming emotional drain” on band and feeling “isolated from the pack for months”


Drain on emotions: Miller, second right, with DevilDriver

Jonathan Miller believed he’d become an “emotional drain” on DevilDriver and felt “isolated from the pack for months,” he reveals in his resignation letter.

The bassist announced his decision to leave the band last night, and has now allowed the note he wrote to Des Fafara, Mike Spreitzer, Jeff Kendrick and John Boecklin to be published in full.

Miller’s move comes after he dropped out of the band’s early 2011 tour dates to attend a month-long intense rehab programme after accepting life on the road had begun to take its toll on his mental and physical health. He’d also missed a number of shows during 2010.

Miller’s letter in full

Gentlemen, I am compelled to inform you all at this juncture in time of my resignation as the bass player of DevilDriver.

I love each and every one of you with all of my being and heart, but this is not the appropriate time for me to return to the band.

I completely understand if the group needs to move on without me for good and am willing to accept that. More importantly, I would like to express my feelings to all of you concerning my departure from DevilDriver.

It has been apparent in my behaviour in the past year that my own personal/private issues have come to the forefront of the band’s focus; and that I have become an emotional drain on the rest of the band. This is unfair to all involved, band and crew alike. I feel that my continued presence in DevilDriver at this time would not be healthy for the team. I also am aware that some of our relationships have become negatively affected during our course as a touring band.

First and foremost, I would like to emphasise my love and gratitude to each and every one of you. All music/band-related issues aside, each of you holds a special place in my heart and I consider you all my brothers. The last thing I would want to witness would be the termination of any of our friendships. I will always be your true friend forever and I would be crushed to lose anyone of you as lifelong friends.

I need time away from music, the touring lifestyle and want my spirit to grow and strengthen on my own.

I have felt isolated from the pack for months now but am slowly beginning to feel as if I am coming into my own for the first time.

My heartstrings are in a constant tug of war to quell this storm of emotions but I know in my gut that I need to take a step back from the band and evaluate my life at this point.

I have shared the most memorable, untouchable, unbelievable, unmatched and unique experiences during our time as a fellowship of road dogs…. I thank you all for the beautiful memories and lifelong friendships.

This is the hardest decision I have ever had to make.

I will keep all of you in my heart forever as best friends.

Your brother,

Jonathan Miller

DevilDriver have commented: “Everyone wishes Jon Miller the best in the future. Thank you for everything you have done for the band in the past 8-plus years. Much happiness and success to you, Jon.”

They formed in 2002 when frontman Fafara decided to leave Coal Chamber and joined up with Miller, Kendrick and Boecklin, who’d been playing as a band since their school days.

The band’s tour manager Aaron Patrick has been playing bass while Miller was off the road in recent months.

Source: Blabbermouth

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