But Ulrich says playing their own track at upcoming Big 4 shows would be selfish, suggesting Slayer song as alternative

Lars Ulrich

Change of tune: Ulrich open to options

With more Big 4 US dates all but guaranteed, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich says the leading band are prepared to take on board Slayer frontman Tom Araya’s objections to jamming Am I Evil at the end of each show.

Members of all four thrash outfits collaborated on a live cover of the Diamond Head song at their first-ever US appearance together at the weekend. It followed the same track being jammed in Bulgaria last year, as seen on the Big 4 DVD.

But last week Araya said the reason he refused to take part was he didn’t believe Am I Evil truly represents the music the bands play, and added he’d prefer to play Metallica track The Four Horsemen instead.

Slayer guitarist Kerry King and drummer Dave Lombardo took part in the mass jam on Saturday night. And Ulrich says when more US dates become concrete, his band are open to alternatives.

The drummer tells LA Weekly: “If we keep being persistent we may get everybody up there at some point, but there are other things we could do.

“I know Tom was talking about The Four Horsemen – but inviting the other bands to come up and play a Metallica song just doesn’t seem right. It would seem a little selfish.”

Ulrich disagrees with Araya’s assessment of Am I Evil, saying: “Everybody’s got different influences, but Diamond Head has a lot to answer for when it comes to these four bands. They’re probably the main reason we all exist.

“When Dave Mustaine was in Metallica he was very inspired by them. I know they may not have the same relevance for the boys in Slayer, but you’ve got to find a happy medium at some point.

“We’ve got another half-dozen shows in Europe this summer. I’d like to be a little more adventurous, and not rely on the same song if there are continued jams.

“I’m not afraid to go anywhere – maybe we’ll play a Slayer song instead.”

Meanwhile, officials have revealed 21 people were arrested during the Big 4 show on the site of the Coachella Festival, out of an audience of 50,000. Most were related to drunk and disorderly behaviour and a handful were down to drugs offences.

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