Mustaine collapses with kidney stone agony – but refuses to go to hospital before playing cut-down set for Russian fans
UPDATE: This story contains two major inaccuracies – see our apology and clarification.

Dave Mustaine

Kidney carnage: Dave Mustaine

Dave Mustaine has apologised to fans in Russia after Megadeth only managed to play a six-song set in St Petersburg on Wednesday – but he’s revealed doctors told him he shouldn’t have played at all.

The thrash icon collapsed before the European Carnage tour show with Slayer, and was found to be suffering the effects of a kidney stone. Medical experts wanted to send him to hospital immediately, but Mustaine insisted on playing at least a short show.

He explains: “Two hours before the show I started to feel like I had a hernia, or I’d been hit in the groin. I told my tour manager I needed a doctor and it might be in my best interest to cancel the show – and I rarely cancel shows.

“After 45 minutes of prayer and sweating like a dog, I was told to pee for the doctors. They explained there was blood, and gave me an IV, an analgesic and an anti-inflammatory injection.

“The next hour is blurry. But I woke up and David Ellefson was holding my hand and praying over me. They told me they could hold the show for 30 minutes but I said, ‘Guys, I am okay, and we can do this.’

“The doctors were not amused. But they’ve never met the likes of Dave Mustaine.”

Megadeth decided on a four-song set, but managed to play six before Mustaine went to hospital. He’s asked all those who supported him through the ordeal to turn their energies on Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman, who’s sitting out the current tour while he recovers from an attack of flesh-eating bug nectrotising fasciitis.

“All my friends were praying for me and when the lights went out the audience went off,” he says. “I truly believe the prayer got me through.

“I’m feeling ninety-five percent better today and I don’t want anyone to worry. I’m a tough old skunk. Now everyone who prayed for me, please pray for Jeff.”

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