Bassist is glad he got to reconnect with Axl Rose… but regrets going onstage because it reignited impossible reunion rumours

Axl Rose and Duff McKagan

One-off: Duff and Rose

Duff McKagan wishes he hadn’t appeared with Guns n’Roses onstage in London last year, because it’s renewed anticipation for a classic lineup reunion he maintains will never happen.

But the bassist is glad he got to reconnect with his former bandmate, even if he doesn’t quite remember the event clearly.

McKagan sent shockwaves through the band’s army of fans when he guested with the current lineup at the O2 Arena in October after he and Rose ran into each other because they were staying at the same hotel.

Now he says: “I almost wish the getting on stage part hadn’t happened.

“The most important part for me was the chance meeting. Our hotel rooms were right next to each other. It was meant to happen – we were meant to connect again. It was a private matter, but I’m glad it happened.”

McKagan says he was suffering from jetlag and doesn’t clearly remember travelling to the venue with Rose.

“I was on so much energy drink that it was all sort of surreal by that point. It was like, ‘I should be in bed right now. I’ve got a meeting in the morning. What am I doing here?’

“Then all of a sudden there’s a bass in my hands. ‘What, am I going to play?’ You Could Be Mine – I haven’t played that song since 1993. Shit, how does it go?’

“It was fun. But the more important thing was, I had a sense it meant to happen to me.”

Since that reunion McKagan and fellow ex-GnR members Slash, Matt Sorum and Steven Adler have fielded almost constant inquiries about the chances of getting together with Rose for live shows or even a new album. Last week a rumour surfaced that they’s signed up to appear at next year’s Super Bowl. But with the exception of Adler, who recently said it was just a matter of time, they all maintain it will never take place.

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