Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro reveals Marilyn’s phobia – and admits he used the knowledge to freak the shock-rocker out

Blood feud: Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson is terrified of the sight of blood, says Dave Navarro.

And he once liked to use the knowledge to freak the shock-rocker out by covering mirrors with his own blood.

The Jane’s Addiction guitarist tells Q: “I don’t know if this is funny – but when I was using intravenous drugs, I used to go into his bathroom and spray his mirror with blood from my syringe.

“It freaked him out. he would get his assistant to put on rubber gloves and clean it up.

“Right after, I’d go and do it again, just to push him. I thought it was funny to be able to freak out Marilyn Manson.”

Navarro guested on Manson’s 1998 album Mechanical Animals, playing guitar on the track I Don’t Like the Drugs (But the Drugs Like Me).

Meanwhile, Jane’s Addiction are offering a $1000 prize for the best remix of their new track Irresistible Force, taken from upcoming album The Great Escape Artist, which has been rescheduled for release on October 4. Contest details

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