Singer Dickinson says it’s likely to be another prog record – and admits members still find it difficult to communicate

We'll fly again: Bruce Dickinson

Bruce Dickinson says Iron Maiden have committed to at least one more album, and it’s likely to be a prog-rock record in the style of 2010′s The Final Frontier.

His comments put to an end speculation that their fifteenth album was their last, fuelled by recycled comments from the band’s early years that mainman Steve Harris wanted to stop when he’d reached that milestone.

But the singer admits that, despite being three decades into their career, Maiden still find it difficult to share their feelings to each other.

Dickinson tells the Daily Star: “Being English we have some reserve when we’re communicating ideas.

“We used to have a stand-up knock-down fight about anything – but we know each other better now and people do mellow.

“Still, if we hugged each other we’d have to go straight into rehab.”

The singer believes the band are onto a winner with their recent musical direction; and besides, he insists they’re aware of their limitations, and of what their notoriously voracious fans will tolerate.

He says: “We go off on our own, scribble ideas into our notebooks then come back to throw everything into the melting pot.

“We know the boundaries of what we can do musically – we’re not the kind of band who could say, ‘Hey, let’s do an album with Kanye West.’ That wouldn’t interest Maiden fans at all.

“Things have been going a bit more prog-rock on our recent albums and the fans seem to love that.”

Maiden wind up their Final Frontier world tour at London’s O2 Arena at the weekend. A series of pictures from the band’s upcoming photo book, On Board Flight 666, will be exhibited at the British Music Experience inside the venue complex before the shows. The book, featuring shots by official photographer John McMurtrie and a foreword by Dickinson, will be published in October. A preview excerpt is available for download on Maiden’s website.

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