Drummer admits rumours of tension on three-year tour are true – and frontman Robb Flynn nearly quit after Paris show

Machine Head

Close call: Machine Head

Machine Head drummer Dave McClain has admitted the band came within moments of splitting up after a show in Paris on their three-year world tour.

It confirms long-standing rumours of tension within the outfit as they supported their 2007 album The Blackening with a trek which was continually extended due to popular demand.

McClain says relations between frontman Robb Flynn and bassist Adam Duce disintegrated almost entirely.

The drummer tells MetalKaoz: “We did not know the tour would stretch out for that long. The album snowballed into a big thing, something that all bands hope for, so we didn’t think it would be or cause a problem.

“There was one time in particular in Paris during the Slipknot tour. Robb and Adam had some pretty serious problems and after we got off stage that night, Robb was ready to call it a day and just end everything right there.

“But he and Adam did some therapy together and kind of worked things out.”

Although Machine Head filmed a number of shows with a view to releasing a Blackening live DVD, McClain says it may never happen because, after the three-year experience, they were keen to move onto 2011 release Unto the Locust.

“We kind of left all the DVD plans behind us,” he explains. “I’m not sure whether it will come out in the future. We had come to a point that we needed to work on music making.

“After the tour everybody went home to their families. Then one day Robb called me up, telling me he was ready to go. We were ready and anxious to start working on the new album.”

The band’s twentieth anniversary takes place this year, but McClain can’t confirm how the band will mark it. “We talked about it,” he says, “and we many do something during this summer in Europe. We will definitely do something to celebrate all these years Machine Head have been together.”

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