Bewildered ska-punks wonder why Westboro Baptist Church extremists decided to target them: “We don’t exactly send parents running for cover”

Less Than Jake

Less than impressed: LTJ are bewildered

Less Than Jake have become the latest musicians to be targeted by extremist religious cult the Westboro Baptis Church – and the attack has left them bewildered.

The ska-punk outfit’s recent show in Florida was picketed by a group of the cult’s members, who traditionally hold up placards including “God Hates Fags” and “Thank God for 9/11″.

Led by rogue pastor Fred Phelps and the members of his family he hasn’t fallen out with yet, the church claims to have staged more than 30,000 protests. They regularly burn flags at soldiers’ funerals and last year held a demonstration near Ronnie James Dio’s burial ceremony.

But the Florida five-piece say they can’t understand why they’ve been singled out for the church’s treatment.

Drummer Vinnie Fiorello says: “Let’s face the facts. Less Than Jake doesn’t exactly send parents running for cover. It had to have been a slow night at Bible study… or they heard the truth that we’re a travelling band who love Satan but hate guns?

“Or maybe it’s because three out of five members love anal and the other two love Satan?

“I find it silly. Grouping us with their usual targets is like comparing apples to oranges. Pop-punk with a penchant for upstroke guitar and using the work ‘fuck’ while drinking high-powered alcohol isn’t anywhere close to the headline-grabbers on their list.

“It’s really a non-event, but it did happen. They have a right to say what’s within their rights – as long as I’m allowed to create whatever art I want to.”

Westboro Baptist Church’s website,, is currently under a weeks-long denial of service attack by ‘j35t3r’, a member of the Anonymous hackers’ group. It’s thought to be one of the longest-lasting and most successful DOS attack of all time.

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