Dentist buys strange souvenir at auction – while doctored Sgt Pepper’s sleeve is named world’s rarest and valued at £70,000

John Lennon's tooth

Hard day's bite: Lennon's tooth

A tooth which John Lennon pulled from his own mouth has been bought at auction for £32,000.

The strange souvenir was purchased by dentist Michael Zuk, who plans to put it on display in his practice.

Lennon extracted the tooth in the kitchen of his Surrey home at the end of the 1960s and gave it to housekeeper Dot Jarlett, telling her: “Will you dispose of this? Or, as your daughter is a Beatles fan, you can give it to her as a souvenir.”

The item wound up in the hands of Dot’s son Barry, who put it on sale at the weekend.

Dentist Zuk tells the BBC: “Once I heard it was up for sale I had to have it. Some people will think it’s gross, others will be fascinated by it.”

Meanwhile, a doctored version of the Beatles’ Sgt Pepper’s album has been named the rarest desired item of its kind in the world.

Just 100 copies of the album’s iconic cover were printed with American record label reps replacing the faces of the Fab Four. It was a limited-edition Christmas present for Capitol execs in 1967.

Copies are now valued at £70,000 each, says Record Collector magazine.

The first ten numbered copies of the Beatles’ White Album are listed as next rarest and valued at £7000 each.

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