Kilmister says “egomaniacs” Campbell and Dee won’t listen when he tried to explain it’s not about Motorhead, it’s about him


No control: Lemmy

Lemmy says his Motorhead bandmates can’t be forced to like his biopic – and the reason they don’t is because they can’t understand it’s about the rock icon and not about the band.

Greg Olliver and Wes Orshoski spent three years filming before releasing Lemmy: 49% Motherfucker, 51% Son of a Bitch. The movie has drawn rave reviews from all corners of the globe, except from guitarist Phil Campbell and drummer Mikkey Dee, who are upset over how little screen time they get.

Campbell recently said: “They spent all this time following me and Mikkey around. Three years and the biggest shot they used of me was lying down to sleep on the bus with Family Guy on the TV.

“That’s what we’re pissed off about. The movie’s about Lem, but it’s really insulting to us.”

Now Lemmy says his bandmates’ reaction is beyond his control.

He tells Artisan News: “They’re looking at it through Motorhead eyes, which is ‘me, me, me’ – every one of us is an egomaniac.

“But it’s a film about me, and I tried to tell them that. Of course, I can’t really tell them, so I got the film guys to tell them. Blame them!

“I have no control over what they think of it. It’s not that kind of a band.”

Lemmy says he’s pleased with the final product but he’s glad the filming process is in the past: “Some days you feel like filming, the next day you don’t, the next day you want to bundle up the camera and stick it down their throat.

“I was glad when the day came that I could say, ‘Fuck off!’ Actually that happened quite a bit. But they’re good guys and they did a good job.”

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