Despite music world’s current woes it’s still full of agents, managers and promoters trying to rob bands, says Motorhead mainman


The more things change… Lemmy Kilmister

Lemmy says nothing has changed for ground-level musicians, despite the current music industry’s problems – and things are just as bad as they’ve always been.

He believes big business continues to suffer because it failed to take advantage of the internet era. But while the touring circuit is believed to be in a healthier state than the recording environment, Lemmy says he hasn’t seen any major changes in the four decades he’s worked there.

He tells Metal Insider: “The industry these days is dying, isn’t it? They have no idea what happened to them – they don’t know what hit them. They couldn’t work with the internet so they tried to prosecute it, which is really fucking dumb. It seems like they just keep fucking up. Every turn they make is the wrong turn, and they’re going to be out of business in ten years.”

But while many acts believe the opportunities presented by the online world are beneficial to musicians, Lemmy’s is less convinced, because it doesn’t change anything for working bands.

He says: “It’s the same now and it’s always been the same. There’s always people robbing bands: agents rob you. Managers rob you – we’ve got a good one now but we’ve had lots of band ones. The promoters rob you. They’ll tell you, ‘It hasn’t sold out,’ and you can see that it has. But what are you going to say? They’ve got all their guys with them and there’s only five of you.”

And he believes anyone who thinks the live circuit is also suffering has fallen for more “business bullshit.”

He comments: “We’ve just sold out every place we’ve played in America, and this isn’t the first time. The recession is reportedly biting everybody’s ass, yet all these 17-year-olds have found it possible to come to the shows.

“So I think it’s bullshit. I think it’s an excuse for the business to downsize and fire all the people they didn’t like.”

Motorhead are set to tour the USA with the Foo Fighters, during which Lemmy says he hopes there’ll be the opportunity for a collaboration with Dave Grohl at some point.

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