Tommy describes challenges of playing drumkit on roller coaster… and says only future album Crue should do is Dirt soundtrack

Roller coaster of tub: Lee's kit

Tommy Lee admits he’s made his job three times harder by devising the roller coaster drumkit he’s using on the current Motley Crue tour.

But he says it’s important to keep outdoing himself – and he’s already trying to think of an even more spectacular set-up for the band’s next stint on the road.

Lee’s kit is welded to a bogey on a circular rail which stands perpendicular to the stage. During the show he invites a member of the audience to join him as he plays a drum solo while the bogey rolls up and over – meaning he’s playing against gravity for most of the stunt.

He tells MusicRadar: “Everything to do with this is absolutely wrong. Playing upside down is insane – it’s two or three times more difficult than normal.

“Your feet want to come off the pedals, your arm want to drop. All of your body is fighting gravity. The only time it’s comfortable is when you’re in the ground position. The rest of the time everything’s out of control.”

But that doesn’t mean Lee is thinking of calming down in the future. “I’ve got some ideas for what to do to top it,” he says. “You’ll probably be seeing them at some point. I was thinking of getting shot out of a pink elephant’s ass – nobody’s done that before.”

On a more serious note, the drummer is one of the many musicians who believes there’s no future for the album format and says if he has his way, Motley Crue will only release one more full-length LP.

He comments: “Slaving for a year in the studio to make a whole album, when the public only wants one song – it’s just stupid.

“Making a record for the sake of it doesn’t make sense any more. My attitude is, why not make a four-song EP with absolute bangers on it? I’d release four songs at a time, and more often.

“That’s my opinion – it doesn’t mean the band will agree. I’ve mentioned it to Nikki Sixx, but we haven’t come to any decision.”

Lee believes the only exception to his rule would be a soundtrack album for the long-awaited movie version of band biography The Dirt, which he reports is making progress in its pre-production stage.

“The soundtrack would be an exception,” he says. “If we’re scoring the movie and adding songs and things, then a full album has a purpose.”

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