Sight of full-figure women dancing in club near his Bahamas beach trailer home inspired a track on Ktavitz’s latest album

Lenny Kravitz

Beautiful is big: Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz has paid tribute to full-figured Bahamian women who refuse to conform to modern stereotypes of what makes females sexy.

He encountered many of them while he was recording his new album in the Bahamas, and the experience inspired the song Boongie Drop on Black and White America.

Kravitz tells Yahoo: “I live in an old airstream trailer on the beach and I live very simply there. I wanted to be away from everybody and everything – technology.

“I just wanted to be in nature. I wanted to hear what was inside of me and I needed tim to reflect and feel my spirit. It was a great time for me as a human being as well as an artist.

“You have all these full-figured Bahamian women chiming in the club and dancing very provocatively, and they’re dressed very, very sexy. They shorts are super-short, their tops are very revealing and they’re wearing all these bright colours.

“What I took from that, what I really liked, was the fact that they’re not bothered by the stereotype of what society, what media says is beautiful.

“They know they’re beautiful and they are beautiful, and they’re not worried about fitting into that image.

“I thought that was really beautiful to see, because people here are killing themselves to look a certain way and aren’t proud of the way they were created.”

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