…but it was that or live in fear of him, says Jonathan, while he and guitarist Munky reject “metal” label

Jonathan Davis

Davis: Think before you drink

Korn frontman Jonathan Davis says he regrets starting Dave Mustaine drinking again – but it was the only alternative to living in fear of the Megadeth mainman while the bands toured together.

Looking back on the band’s 20-year history, Davis pinpoints their 1995 support slot with the thrash giants as a learning experience.

He tells Explore Music: “It was hard touring with Megadeth because, at the time, Dave Mustaine was really mean, and just had attitude. It was scary being on there. I got my feelings hurt because he was so mean at times.

“I was this young little kid, and I was drinking at the time so I thought, ‘That’s Dave Mustaine and he wants to drink, so I’ll give him a drink.’ I got him drinking again, which I shouldn’t have done.”

But Davis reflects: “I don’t have any ill will towards the guy. You get older and wiser and you know how it is. But at the time it was really scary.”

The frontman says another cause of distress in Korn’s formative years was the amount of touring they had to do with bands they didn’t match musically. “We were pissed off at getting all these metal tours,” he says. “We went from Danzig, which was cool because it was different, to Ozzy Osbourne, then Megadeth to fucking Pennywise.

“They didn’t know what to do with us. We weren’t a metal band, and to this day we’ve yet to fit into any kind of a scene.”

His sentiments are echoed by Korn guitarist Munky, who tells Lithium: “I don’t think we’ve limited ourselves to what people might call ‘just a metal band’. We’ve always been open to trying different stuff.

“You have to see what sticks and what stays interesting through the years. Even on the first record we had Helmet in the Bush which sounds quite industrial and has a drum machine on it. We included it because we felt we could grow into that sound. Our base sounds has stayed true on all our albums.”

Korn released Korn III: Remember Who You Are last year and will launch a 29-track compilation, The Essential Korn, on May 10.

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