Download 2011: Drummer Luzier reveals he thought he’d be taking time off when frontman Davis announced plans for new direction

Ray Luzier

Trigger fingers: Ray Luzier

Korn are working on a record of dubstep music after frontman Jonathan Davis persuaded his bandmates to move the nu-metal outfit in a new direction.

And when he heard the news Ray Luzier thought it might mean he’d be taking a break from his drumming duties.

Luzier became a full-time member of Korn in 2009 following the departure of David Silveria, but expected the move towards dubstep to mean he’d be backburnered in favour of drum machine loops.

He tells Download: “The band’s not afraid to take twists and turns with music. It’s really cool.

“Jonathan got together with a producer called Skrilex recently. When he first told me I thought I was going to have to take some time off. Normally it would drive me crazy because I think drum machines are soulless.

“But he said, ‘No, we’re going to experiment with triggers,’ which I’ve never done before. So we actually triggered the sounds Skrilex made with my kit – I’m actually playing them live. I was excited by that.”

Korn release their first dubstep track, Get Up, online last month, and it was the only track they performed at Download this weekend which hadn’t already appeared on one of their albums. They also played covers of Metallica’s One and Queen’s We Will Rock You alongside a seven-song medley of their own music.

Bassist Fieldy tells NME: “We’ve collaborated with six or seven producers on the new record. I’ve done my parts and I think Jonathan has a couple of vocal takes still to do, but it’s almost done.

“It’s important to stay current and keep on top of what’s going on.”

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