Insurers may have to stump up for abandoned tour as management play cat-and-mouse against fans with video of Caleb’s meltdown

Invoice somebody: Kings of Leon

Insurance firm Lloyds, who backed Kings of Leon’s cancelled US tour, could be made to pay out up to $15m in lost revenues for venues and promoters – and that could affect the band’s chances of playing big shows in the future.

Lloyds of London are one of several companies which secure the investment of all those involved in putting on large-scale shows. When the Kings called off their trek after frontman Caleb Followill’s onstage breakdown at the beginning of August, the claim forms started arriving.

Elizabeth Wightman of Steelbridge Insurance tells Rolling Stone: “It’s kind of like a credit report – you have to earn your reputation over time. Insurance companies are going to be looking at that.

“There’s a lot of rating factors: venue size, age of the performer, health of the performer, how far they have to travel, whether it’s plain, train or automobile.”

Meanwhile, the band’s management have been playing a cat-and-mouse game with fans who shot video footage of Followill’s disastrous performance in Dallas, Texas, which led to the cancellations.

The frontman appeared tired and emotional before he told the crowd: “I’m going to go backstage and vomit, drink a beer than come back and do another three songs.” But he didn’t return, leaving bassist Jared Followill to apologise for stopping the show and saying: “I know you hate us.”

Vector Management, who look after the band’s interests, have spent the past week filing copyright claims against clips posted on YouTube. Rolling Stone reports it’s a dubious procedure since many of the videos in question don’t feature any songs, leading them to conclude: “More likely the firm is attempting to obscure evidence that could lead insurers to believe Followill was drunk rather than exhausted, which could land the band in hot water.”

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