Ace says he floored his replacement in argument over rules made by Simmons and Stanley – which they broke themselves

Ace Frehley

Knocked out: Ace Frehley

Ace Frehley says he once knocked Tommy Thayer to the ground in an argument over backstage rules made by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley – which they regularly broke themselves.

The drama took place when Frehley was still a member of Kiss and Thayer was the band’s tour manager, before taking on the ‘Spaceman’ persona after the founding guitarist left in 2002.

In his autobiography No Regrets, Frehley says mailmen Simmons and Stanley introduced a rule banning wives or girlfriends from the band’s dressing rooms.

He claims they frequently brought their own partners backstage – but when he did, Thayer confronted him, leading to the fight.

Simmons once deliberately reduced Frehley’s daughter to tears, the axe icon adds.

Monique was 18 years old when she flew across the US to appear in Kiss movie Detroit Rock City. But when she got there, Simmons announced her character had been axed.

Her dad says: “I knew it was no accident. Gene had been involved in the editing process on a daily basis.”

He assumes it was the bassist’s way of exacting revenge for something he’d done, but says: “To get back at me by hurting my daughter? He had reached an all-time low with me.”

Frehley maintains: “I can’t help but remember all the fun we shared in our formative years,” and he’s glad Kiss is part of his past. But he warns his ex colleagues: “What comes around, goes around.”

Simmons recently said he’d had lunch with Frehley and the pair were on good terms, although there could be no question of a reunion.

No Regrets is published on November 1.

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