Peggy has buttons handed out to fans in local theatre – as singer Anthony admits band desperately needed two-year break

Anthony Kiedis and mum Peggy

Mother's help: Anthony and Peggy Kiedis

Red Hot Chili Peppers singer Anthony Kiedis’ mother Peggy sent a bag of handmade button badges to be handed out to fans of her son’s band on the occasion of their comeback show.

The Chilis performed their new album I’m With You in full during a live set broadcast to movie theatres in the US on Tuesday, which is currently being repeated across the world on various dates.

And Ticketholders at the Lansing Mall Cinema in Michigan were given a souvenir button by ushers and told: “These were made by Anthony Kiedis’ mum, who still lives in Grand Rapids, and she sent these to the theatre this morning to hand out.”

The small badges feature the band’s classic logo and the name round the edge printed in red, blue, yellow and green.

Meanwhile, Kiedis has admitted the band needed the two-year break after their world tour in support of 2006 album Stadium Arcadium.

He tells MTV: “We had a little coffee break there. It was a hell of a big cup.

“By the end of the Stadium Arcadium tour, which was a year and a half, everybody was like a pile of broken dolls and no one could really conceive of not taking a break.

“So when somebody uttered ‘two-year break’ everyone just hip-hip-hoorayed. It was just an innate, gut-instinct good idea. And everybody went and did things that made a lot of sense.”

When the Chilis regrouped in 2009 guitarist John Frusciante refused to return, leading to the hiring of new six-stinger Josh Klinghoffer. But Kiedis says he didn’t doubt the band would continue.

“I have never felt anywhere close to being done,” he reports. “I was pretty sure after the last record the best was yet to come.

“I like really old people that still make out intensely with their wives or girlfriends. Why would you ever stop?”

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