Band statement tells fans: Don’t expect to make it to work after show – we’ll come on when we’re ready

Axl Rose

Keep waiting: Axl Rose

Guns n’Roses have finally confirmed they don’t care how long they keep fans waiting before their shows.

Axl Rose’s band kicked up another storm of protest after hitting the stage at Rock in Rio two hours late last weekend. It followed a number of other high-profile delays with crowds kept standing for anything from 20 to 120 minutes after the published showtime.

In the past Rose has suggested there are real reasons for the delays, which he doesn’t want to get into.

But at the weekend a statement was posted on the band’s Facebook page, written in the usual Rose style.

He said: “Love it Hate it Accept it Debate it – You want 8 o’clock shows go find F-R-I-E-N-D-S or hit a cinema somewhere.. or you wanna be informed go catch the 10 o’clock news.. this is Rock N’ Roll!

“Treat yourself don’t cheat yourself thinking you’re gonna go to school or work or whatever you ‘normally’ do the next day. Oh and remember before you get high and never want to come down. ‘you can have anything you want but you better not take it from me!’

“This is Guns N’Roses and when the time is right the stage will ignite. Looking forward to sharing that with rockers soon!”

While many fans approved of Rose’s message, others were less supportive.

One replied: “Being Guns n’Roses still doesn’t allow you to disrespect your fans. And don’t hide behind rock’n'roll. You either commit yourself or don’t! Those tickets weren’t given away for free.”

Another said: “We need our jobs – that’s how we pay for the tickets.”

And another added: “I know the rock’n'roll lifestyle dictates you don’t cater to anyone. But we fans are the ones who made you a star. We’re the ones who stand in line for hours for tickets and buy your music and merchandise. Maybe you don’t have to grow up – but we did! We have families and jobs to pay for, and once in a while a concert. I wish you would get off your ass and work a real job for one day, then maybe you would appreciate what you’ve got.”

One poster said simply: “I know you’re coming on after ten. But why not put it on the ticket?”

Meanwhile, former GnR guitarist Gilby Clarke says he thinks Rose is happy with the current incarnation of the band – but it doesn’t sound the like the outfit he once played with.

Clarke tells Metal Shrine: “Knowing Axl and knowing Axl 20 years ago, and knowing what he wanted to do, I would assume that he’s a happy guy. This is, what he explained to me, what he wanted the band to be.

“When we had our – what I call a disagreement – he wanted to take the band in a new direction. He wanted to bring in lots of people, and this is what he envisioned.

“Is it the kind of music that I enjoy? Some of it. I think it’s creative and I think it’s what music is supposed to be. It’s supposed to be original and creative, and I think it is all those things.

“It’s just to me… when I think of Guns n’Roses, it doesn’t sound like Guns n’Roses to me.

“If this was an Axl Rose album it’d be fantastic, because it’s good music. I can’t say it’s not good music.”

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