Guitarist still furious over what he sees as breach of trust by journalist – but that doesn’t mean no reboot

Sabbath bloody Sabbath: Tony Iommi

Tony Iommi made a statement about a Black Sabbath reunion because he was “pissed off” over news coverage – and not because it isn’t true, says the guitarist’s manager.

Speculation erupted on Monday that Iommi and Ozzy Osbourne were writing material to be recorded with Geezer Butler and Bill Ward.

The story started as an exclusive on and was then followed up by the Birmingham Mail, who reported a conversation reporter Andy Coleman had with Iommi in June.

The guitarist told Coleman at the time that he and Osbourne were writing songs which sounded like their classic-era material, and they were struggling to keep the news quiet.

Iommi then released a statement slating the Mail’s article – but, crucially, he didn’t suggest the quotes were untrue.

Now his manager Ralph Baker tells Coleman: “He’s not saying it wasn’t true.

“He’s not denying the guys have been talking – but we haven’t got anything in place. He made those statements to you in June and he felt he made them off the record.

“A very insignificant little website put something out about Sabbath getting back together and being in the Midlands. When the Birmingham Mail went online, that’s when it went round the world because it was ‘official’.

“Tony’s pissed off because it would have died a death. Instead it was picked up by everybody because a lot of these kids have nothing better to do than simply pick up a story from one site and run with it and see what happens.”

RND says:

Quick recap for those who feel the need (like us)… MetalTalk broke the story of a Sabbath reunion late on Sunday. The Birmingham Mail then reported the story because they had quotes to back it up, although they were two months old. Iommi responded to the Mail’s story, angry because he thought the quotes had been off the record. Now Iommi’s manager has said there’s no question of the quotes being untrue. So that leaves us back where we started – Sabbath are at least talking about a reunion, but that’s all we know for certain.

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