But Chilis drummer Chad admits he sometimes lets people think he’s movie star – because that’s easier than denying it

Chad Smith and Will Ferrell

Snap: Smith and Ferrell

Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith knows people think he looks like movie star Will Ferrell – although he doesn’t see the likeness himself.

But when the pair met at a film premiere, the comedy actor appeared to see a similarity.

And the sticksman admits he sometimes finds it easier to allow people who’ve mistaken him for Ferrell to continue in their belief.

Asked if he has to deal with the confusion often, Smith tells Rolling Stone: “I certainly do. I don’t think that I look much like him, but people really seem to think that’s who I am, especially at airports and things.”

Confusion usually arises when someone recognises Smith for who he is, but then other people wonder about his identity and jump to the wrong conclusion.

Smith says: “People who come up to me are drummers or fans of the band. I’ll be somewhere and someone will have me take a picture or something.

“Someone else will see that, and they’ll come over and say, ‘Will Ferrell?’ I have to say ‘No,’ and they’ll be like, ‘Bullshit, man – I just saw you taking pictures with that man. Why do you have to be like that?’

“I’m just like, ‘Dude, I’m telling you, I’m not Will Ferrell.’ A lot of the time it’s easier to just agree with them and take the picture and they go away.

“It’s weird to look like someone so much that people aren’t even asking if you’re the guy. They just come up saying, ‘I loved you in that movie’.”

Smith has only come face-to-face with his alleged double once, after the first showing of 2000 comedy film Ladies Man, in which Ferrell appeared.

“I was in the food line after the movie and I was getting chicken skewers and shrimp cocktail or whatever,” the drummer recalls. “I’m filling up my plate and he’s filling up his plate, and there’s this guy between us.

“I’m looking at Will and thinking, ‘People really think I look like him? I don’t fucking look like that.’ So the guy between us splits and there’s nobody between us, and Will turns round.

“He looks me up and down and says, ‘You’re very handsome,’ and walks away. Totally deadpan. I was like, ‘You’re funny. You’re funny’.”

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