Anthrax axeman received sign-language telling off from team owner after he broke into training ground and wound up getting arrested

Scott Ian of Anthrax

Naughty boy: Scott Ian

Scott Ian says the late owner of the New York Yankees forgave him in sign language for a stunt which got the Anthrax guitarist jailed in 1997.

He broke into the baseball team’s training ground one night to pay a personal tribute to the team he loves – but police officers detained him as he left.

He got the opportunity to apologise to millionaire on live radio. Now he explains the pair came close to meeting in person and shared a moment of communication by signals.

But Ian tells Guitar World it’s not true he was trying to steal an on-deck circle from the Florida training ground.

“I didn’t steal anything,” he says. “I was accused of trying to. I had broken into Legends Field in Tampa, which is their spring training facility, at three in the morning.

“Basically I wanted to go look at the Thurman Munson monument. I ran around the bases like an idiot, then when I left the cops were waiting for me.

“Long story short, I got to apologise to George Steinbrenner on the Howard Stern show and they ended up dropping all the charges.”

Anthrax played at the Yankee Stadium in New York last week as part of the Big 4 show with fellow thrash giants Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth. And Ian says there are no hard feelings between himself and the team.

“I saw Steinbrenner at a game a few months after he called into the Howard Stern show,” the guitarist says. “We had spoken but never actually met.

“I was in the Time Warner box and he was in his box, which is right next to it. I was staring at him and we made eye contact. I guess maybe at some point he had seen a picture of me, just to see who this guy was.

“He looked right at me, shook his finger and shook his head, like, ‘No, no no.’ And I just started laughing. It was a really cool moment.”

Anthrax released their long-awaited album Worship Music last week.

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