Glenn admits he “went to the edge” and lived in Amsterdam under an assumed name after becoming notorious cocaine addict

Glenn Hughes

Disappeared: Glenn Hughes

Glenn Hughes admits his cocaine addiction took him “to the edge of the cliff of insanity” and led him to hide in Amsterdam under an assumed name while he struggled to put his life in order.

The singer and bassist reveals the story in his biography, which he says took five years to complete because he needed that long to prepare for being fully honest.

Hughes tells FaceCulture: “In the 70s and 80s I was a very notorious cocaine addict. I was one of the first rock stars to become, ‘Oh, Glenn Hughes, he’s a cocaine addict.’

“I disappeared for a while in the 90s. Nobody knew where I was and I didn’t tell anybody. People thought I was on a boat in the Mediterranean, but I wasn’t.

“I was basically being another person under another name, being completely isolated – and it almost killed me.”

Hughes felt he had to take the extreme steps to escape from cocaine. He says: “I wanted to experiment with other things and other people, and I wanted to be anonymous. I wanted to disappear, and there’s no greater city in the world to go dark than Amsterdam.”

But the move nearly led to madness – Hughes explains: “The fact of the matter is, it got do weird that it scared the shit out of me. I went to the edge of the cliff of insanity.

“I had this clarity moment where I said, ‘Well, I can jump over here and go insane,’ because I really was going insane. But I turned back and became the man I am now.”

Hughes’ book Deep Purple and Beyond: Scenes from the Life of a Rock Star is available now. His second album with supergroup Black Country Communion is also released in 2011.

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