Prince of Darkness realised most of his friends were dead so he started with the most difficult drug – tobacco

Ozzy Osbourne

No more beers: Ozzy

Ozzy Osbourne finally quit drugs after he realised almost all the friends he used to go on benders with were dead.

And he started by focusing on what he says is the most difficult substance to stop using – tobacco.

Osbourne tells Classic Rock Revisited: “I got fed up with quitting. To be honest with you I was not having a good time. I would make all of these grandiose statements about how I was ‘Mr Sober’ now. In the National Enquirer the following day you would see me on the floor in a bog covered in piss.

“The first thing I stopped was tobacco – and don’t ask me how I did that. I have been in nearly every rehab around; I have been in rehab with heroin users and they say, ‘I can put the smack down but I can’t give up tobacco’.

“I put it down first. My voice would crack in concert and I felt like a soccer player kicking the fucking ball when he was not in the game.”

Ozzy admits the advice he offers to substance abuse victims these days is advice he wouldn’t have listened to himself.

He explains: “The one that I remember was this guy who had just come back from a doctor who had prescribed medication that said on the bottle: ‘While taking this medication, do not drink alcohol.’

“This guy asks, ‘What should I do?’ I said, ‘Well, if you’re a dummy, and you’re fucking nuts, then you will drink alcohol with this medication. If I were you, I would do what it says on the bottle and not drink any alcohol.

“If they’d asked me that question ten years ago then I would have been on drugs and I would have gone, ‘Dude, this is Ozzy – I’ve just taken this medication and I’m about to down a quart of vodka. Where is the nearest fucking hospital?’”

The Price of Darkness knows he can never go back to his substance-abusing ways. He says: “I can’t drink and I can’t do drugs.

“I mean, I live in California and I could get a bag of mild marijuana from the doctor. But who am I fucking kidding? I’d start out with a mild bag of marijuana and I’d end up with a fucking bag of crack.

“One drink or one joint doesn’t apply to me, but my head still thinks it does.

“My drinking problem was that I couldn’t get e-fucking-nough. If I knew, and I honestly thought to myself, that I could drink moderately, then I would.

“But I know I can’t. I never ever did, I never ever will – and I don’t want to.”

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