Bassist doubts pair will ever play together again, but they’re on speaking terms and Josh approves of Kyuss Lives! project

Kyuss Lives!

Blessing: Homme supports Kyuss Lives! with Olveri, second right

Queens of the Stone Age mainman Josh Homme refused an offer from former bassist Nick Oliveri to make a guest appearance during a show – but Oliveri isn’t upset over the knock-back.

Oliveri was a founding member of Homme’s band which later became Kyuss, and rejoined them two albums. He became part of Queens of the Stone Age in 1998 before Homme fired him in 2004.

Now he’s touring with Kyuss Lives!, which doesn’t feature Homme, although he says his former bandmaster has no problems with the project.

Oliveri tells “There hasn’t been any talk of me and Josh working together again. As a matter of fact, the last time I saw him play I mentioned to them, ‘Why don’t I come up and do a song – sing it and not play bass?’ Josh was like, ‘Nah, I don’t think that’s a good idea yet.’”

But Oliveri understands the situation. He explains: “The ball’s in his court for stuff like that. I don’t think he wants to give anybody the wrong idea. And he’s got a good band – he’s taken it in the direction he wants it to go.

“There’s a definite chemistry between us. I know my songs are definitely better with his hand on them. But I don’t know if he necessarily feels that way about my input.”

Nevertheless, the bassist is pleased to be on speaking terms with his former colleague, and says Homme gave his blessing to the Kyuss revival while the pair were working on Oliveri’s Mondo Generator album.

“I don’t think Josh was asked to do the Kyuss thing,” he comments. “We didn’t think he’d want to do it with the three bands he’s already in. But I recorded in his studio and I asked him, ‘Is it cool if I go and do this thing?’ and he said, ‘Go do it, man. Have some fun.’

“Josh has a framed poster of Kyuss in there, so he’s proud of the thing as far as I know.”

Kyuss Lives! are planning a tour of the US followed by a new album.

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