Born-again ex axeman wants Bakersfield band to give job to his stand-in because he’ll never be returning to the fold

Brian 'Head' Welch

Heading away: Welsh won't waver

Former Korn guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welch has called on his old outfit to replace him permanently, because he’s never rejoining them.

A founding member of the nu-metal act, Head sensationally left in 2005, announcing he’d “chosen the Lord Jesus Christ as his saviour,” and saying he intended to clean up his life and be a better father to his young daughter.

He spent some time bad-mouthing his ex-bandmates in press interviews. The acrimony was later resolved, but Head says he’s constantly bombarded with requests to rejoin the band.

Korn have never fully replaced him. His live role is filled by (he’d)PE guitarist Wes Geer – and now Head has asked that Geer should get the job full-time.

In an “open tweet” the born-again solo artist says: “Dear Korn, please let Wes join the band and take my old place on stage, so people will quit telling me to go back. Ha-ha! Love y’all.”

In a recent interview he commented: “Korn’s managers have asked my manager to work on getting me back into the band. I have shut the door on their requests many, many times. I love and I miss my friends, but I have a different calling in life than to reconnect with them musically and professionally.

“I continue to wish nothing but the best for Korn and all of my friends there.”

Meanwhile, frontman Jonathan Davis has released a limited-edition DVD/CD from his solo London show in 2008. Only 750 copies are available plus 500 box set editions. Davis is planning a release of his solo album, backed with a tour, as soon as he has some free time from Korn.

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