Foos frontman doesn’t want connection with his previous band to be severed as he celebrates best period of his career

Good times: Grohl with the Foos

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl says he’s currently enjoying the best period of his band’s career – and he’s now happy with the position Nirvana holds in his past.

The frontman admits he once struggled with the legacy of the grunge band which collapsed after Kurt Cobain was found dead in 1994. But with new Foos album Wasting Light riding high, and a new head of steam built up following their year-long hiatus, he’s happier than he’s ever been.

Grohl tells Jam: “It’s fucking crazy. After making the album in my garage then going out and seeing the reception we’re getting, and the size of the audiences, it’s shocking.

“We don’t aspire to these lofty heights – we just want to play music. Don’t get me wrong: I’ll fucking taking it. It’s awesome; I don’t have any complaints at all. But it’s strange when you see things just getting better and better. It’s not really supposed to happen that way.”

He had time to look back to his past during the making of band documentary Back And Forth, and finds he’s at peace with almost everything that’s happened to him.

“When we first started it was only about a year after Nirvana,” he recalls. “There were lots of reasons why I didn’t want to talk about Nirvana; one was that Kurt died and he was a friend, and it was hard to talk about with anyone.

“I started the Foo Fighters to move on. It was more than a band – it was a continuation of life in music. I didn’t want to be stuck in the past, so with as much respect as I could muster I was silent about Nirvana.

“But as the years went on it became easier to talk about. Then after a while I noticed people were coming to the shows who didn’t even know I was in Nirvana. That was shocking; I’d talk to a kid and mention the drums and he’d say, ‘Oh, you play drums?’ I’d say, ‘Um, yeah, I used to be in this band called Nirvana,’ and he’d say, ‘You were in fucking Nirvana?’

“I’d just assumed it was always right there behind me. But after a while it faded a bit.”

As a result, Grohl is finally comfortable with his history. “I don’t need closure – because I don’t want it to end,” he says. “Losing a friend is something else.

“But the documentary is Foo Fighters territory. There might be some nostalgia there, but when I watch the documentary I don’t think about Nirvana, I think about the Foo Fighters.

“I remember when we watched it for the first time. We were sitting in a room, the lights went out and we watched the last 17 years of our lives. When the lights went on we looked at each other and went, ‘What the fuck just happened?’

“It’s like watching your life flash before your eyes, but you still have the opportunity to live. It’s pretty cool.”

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