Screen Scream 1: Foos mainman warned bandmates over his behaviour before letting them watch, fearing it might split the band

Foo Fighters

Foo fight: Dave Grohl and co survived movie

Dave Grohl was so concerned Foo Fighters movie Back and Forth would split them up that he asked to see it before letting his bandmates watch.

Director James Moll, who won an Oscar in 1999 for a documentary about Hungarian Jews in the Holocaust, set out to make a “warts and all” record of the Foos’ 16-year history. It details drummer Taylor Hawkins’ near death from a drugs overdose, how the band nearly collapsed while recording 2002 album One By One, and Grohl’s colleagues’ displeasure when he toured with Queens of the Stone Age.

But the part the mainman hates most is when former drummer William Goldsmith’s album tracks are destroyed and replaced – without Goldsmith being told.

Grohl tells the BBC: “I watched the movie first, before the band did. I asked to see it because before them because I didn’t want it to break up our band.

“Parts of it are hard to watch. I told everybody, ‘There’s going to be something for each one of you in this movie that will make you feel incredibly uncomfortable.”

Speaking of the Goldsmith incident Grohl says: “That part made me feel incredibly uncomfortable. It was brutal.

“But I think that’s good – because it means we’re telling the true story.”

Back and Forth, which follows the band up to completion of new album Wasting Light,  is currently on general release. The band plan to put together a DVD version later in the year.

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