Mainman Dave predicts record industry will resolve its problems – and admits he’d like Megadeth to be a bigger band


Size matters: Megadeth

Dave Mustaine says bands who choose to give away their music for free are stupid, and predict the music industry will resolve its current problems.

And although he’s happy with his career at the moment, he admits he’d like Megadeth to be bigger than they are.

Mustaine tells the Brandon Sun: “I think the record business is just like anything else – it’s going to regulate itself. It’s going to correct itself.

“The problem is that all the pigs were in there with their hands on the steering wheel. They got what they deserved.”

He believes bands who allow free downloading of their tracks won’t be around long enough to be part of the industry once it’s repaired.

“Musicians who say they don’t care, that’s they’d give it away for free, are stupid,” he says. “They’ve never been hungry.

“If you’re going out there and being careless, and just letting your songs be downloaded for free, it’s probably going to reflect in your longevity.”

Megadeth have nearly completed the follow-up to 2009′s Endgame, with original bassist David Ellefson back in the fold, and Mustaine says he has very few regrets about the way things are going.

“We’re not as big as I’d hope to be right now,” he admits, “But there were some decisions I made while I was growing up that would probably have been better if I’d made the opposite choice.

“But I’m absolutely content with and what I am right now. I don’t wish I was in a bigger band – I’m not discontent with anything.”

He believes the subject matter of songs could help project the thrash act to a bigger audience, saying mainstream rock crowds aren’t interested in many of the things bands sing about. And he cites the two bands ahead of his own on next month’s US Mayhem tour as examples of his argument.

“The average person doesn’t want to hear about killing or savagery or brutality. The potential to play to a new audience is really interesting for me.

“The intent of Disturbed and Godsmack is to be popular and heavy at the same time – and those are two things we are.”

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