Simmons saved Frehley from hotel pool drowning, guitarist reveals – but isn’t sure whether he was charged for the service

Ace Frehley

Simmons saves: Ace Frehley

Former Kiss guitarist Acre Frehley has revealed how bandmate Gene Simmons saved his life when he nearly drowned.

The incident took place in a hotel swimming pool in the 1970s, where bassist Simmons was able to rely on his experience as a college lifeguard.

Frehley tells That Metal Show: “I actually drowned one day at a Holiday Inn.

“This was in the Seventies. Everyone else was fucked up, and I was fucked up, obviously. Everyone else was loaded and I went under the water. I was thinking about the Bugs Bunny cartoon where he puts up one finger and goes under, then two fingers and goes under.

“I’m laughing hysterically – and the next thing you know I’m drowning. Gene pulls me out of the pool and pumps the water out of me. Later I found out he was a certified lifeguard.”

Asked whether Simmons changed him for saving his life, Frehley replies: “That’s a good question.”

Meanwhile, the bass player says that living through a terrorist bomb attack in Jerusalem last week hasn’t affected his belief that the Arab world will find peace in the future.

Simmons was visiting the country of his birth for the first time and was about two miles from the location of the explosion, which killed a tourist.

But he says: “It’s the work of extremists who can’t cope with the move towards freedom. We can’t give these losers headlines.

“There’s one thing that unites Israelia, Arabs and all humanity: we all strive to be free. There’s a new generation doing astonishing things. We should take a moment to honour Arabs for having the courage to stand up.”

During his visit, filmed for his reality TV show, Simmons says he rode a camel, visited some holy sites and enjoyed watching long-time girlfriend Shannon Tweed floating in the Dead Sea.

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