“Official” Twitter account claims shamed glam star is heading back on stage – fans react in favour while doubts remain

Gary Glitter

Tweets: Gary Glitter

A Twitter page claiming to be the official account of Gary Glitter has drawn over 16,500 followers since announcing the shamed glam star is preparing a comeback.

@OfficialGlitter has a tagline that reads “The official twitter of Gary Glitter. Managed and updated by me. The leader. Still shining.”

The 70s artist, real name Paul Gadd, fell into disgrace in 1999 after serving a prison sentence for possessing child porn. He later moved to Vietnam, where he was jailed for two years for child abuse, charged he insisted were trumped-up in a conspiracy against him. He moved back to the UK three years ago.

Now the account owner, who says he’s awaiting Twitter verified status, has released a series of messages promising to hit the stage again.

He writes: “I believe the public have accepted me again, putting my past behind me. I hope I can continue my music career/tour this year. We have venues in Manchester, Nottingham, London and Bristol so far. I should be able to confirm these by Friday. I am the real Gary Glitter.”

Unconfirmed reports suggest the move follows Gadd having his confiscated passport returned to him by UK authorities.

The account owner has retweeted a number of messages from other users, including: “If you can overcome your past it would be a great achievement,” “There are still some people out there that think people deserve a second chance,” and “Despite his past, should he be allowed to be in the public domain again?”

His most recent update includes a photo of two pet rabbits with the words: “Might tweet some treats later!”

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