Evans insulted as late frontman’s family objects to his presence – and says Scott would be ‘rolling in his grave’

Dave Evans

Insult: Dave Evans

Original AC/DC frontman Dave Evans says Bon Scott would be “rolling in his grave” after the late singer’s family objected to Evans taking part in a tribute tour.

The Long Live Bon Scott show is due to play four dates in May and June in Australia, starring Angry Anderson of Rose Tattoo, Dave Gleason of the Screaming Jets, John Swan of Swanee and Make Gable of the Choirboys.

Evans, who co-founded AC/DC before being replaced by Scott in 1974, was also set to appear – but the event’s promoter admits he was dropped for political reasons.

The singer tells Undercover: “To me it’s an insult. I never had a problem with Bon.

“He had the opportunity to take my place – I would have done the same thing. He was a rock and roller and as hard as me. He was a few years older than me but we grew up tough and did the hard knocks.

“I’ve always shown great respect to Bon, and the fans will attest to that. They’re up in arms about this.”

Evans says he was invited to appear by the event’s promoters, who sent him a contract and a copy of the promotional poster, which he published to his fans.

He adds: “People from the Bon Scott Foundation kicked up a fuss. What do they matter? But I’ve still got fans telling me how great it is to see me in the show – even thought I’ve already said I’m no longer on it.”

Scott died in 1980 and was replaced by Brian Johnson, who’s held the mic ever since. Evans says he was never in the frame to return, but he’s never harboured any hard feelings. In 2009 he said: “Anyone would have loved to have enjoyed the enormous success of a band like AC/DC, but the kudos goes to those who wrote and performed the classic hit songs. Bon was a real character – and he wrote some of the best rock classics of all time. Brian had a hard act to follow after Bon’s tragic death, but he really stamped his own trademark on AC/DC. I still love You Shook Me All Night Long.”

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