Richie Furay confirms 30-day trek was planned but then postponed over lack of decision, and it’s not likely this year

Buffalo Springfield in 2011

Momentum: Bufallo Springfield

Buffalo Springfield’s planned 30-day tour didn’t happen because surviving bandmates Neil Young, Stephen Stills and Richie Furay couldn’t reach a decision, says Furay.

And he suggests Young’s “fickle” nature is behind the postponement, which originally held the shows back to this year but looks like keeping them off limits for longer.

The trio appeared on stage for the first time since 1968 at California’s Bridge School Concert last October, and enjoyed it so much a further series of concerts was quickly arranged.

Furay tells WBAI-FM in New York: “It came out of nowhere – it was nowhere on my radar. When I got the call from Neil I was really surprised. It was so much fun that we decided, ‘Let’s go on, let’s do a few more shows.’

“Everybody had it planned in their mind. I was actually told, ‘We’re doing this 30-day tour.’

“Neil is just fickle. And even though it boils down to all three of us making a decision, without the three of us there can’t be Buffalo Springfield.”

But Furay says his attitude is “Never say never,” adding: “We probably lost a little bit of momentum. That isn’t to say it couldn’t be picked up again – but I certainly don’t see anything happening this year.”

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