Peter lost live album guitar in 1980 plane crash… but it’s back in his hands after being found on island

Peter Frampton and his lost guitar

Reunited: Frampton and his Les Paul Custom

The guitar played by Peter Frampton on his iconic live album has been returned to him after he lost it in a plane crash over 30 years ago.

The ex Humble Pie guitarist used the 1954 Gibson Les Paul Custom on his 1976 release Peter Frampton Comes Alive!, a record credited with popularising the live album format.

He also played the instrument in recording sessions with George Harrison and Harry Nilsson.

But it was amongst the gear he lost when a cargo plane crashed on the way to Panama in 1980, killing those on board, and leading Frampton to believe he’d never see his prized possession again.

Two fans managed to track down the guitar on the Dutch island of Curacao, off the coast of Venezuela. With the help of the island’s tourist board the person who held the instrument was contacted and agreed to hand it over.

Gibson Guitars confirmed it was the same item lost in the crash, and Frampton was recently reunited with it.

He says: “I am still in a state of shock that the guitar even exists, let alone that it has been returned to me. I know I have my guitar back but I will never forget the lives that were lost in the crash.”

He plans to start playing it again once it’s been given the minor repairs it needs.

“I’m going to insure it for two million dollars and it’s never going out of my sight again,” Frampton says. “It was always my number one guitar and it will be reinstated there as soon as possible.”

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