Dance Gavin Dance singer Craig conned $8000 from fans with fake computer sale but label promises everyone will be reimbursed

Jonny Craig

Addiction issues: Jonny Craig

Dance Gavin Dance singer Jonny Craig has checked into rehab after fans of the band revealed how he’d conned them out of thousands of dollars to feed his drug addiction.

Craig told people he was selling a laptop and took between $500 and $650 from a number of them, then failed to deliver the goods while supplying a chain of excuses before eventually blanking those who’d paid up.

The scam came to light after fans of Dance Gavin Dance and Craig’s other band, Emarosa, started sharing their experiences. They set up a Facebook page to begin a class-action suit against him and even produced a t-shirt proclaiming “I was ripped off by Jonny Craig.”

Text messages show Craig’s excuses ranging from lines like “I’m not stalling – I just started a tour,”and “I’m in hospital and can’t use my phone,” to “PayPal fucked me over and I don’t have a bank account” and “The laptop’s been posted – if it doesn’t come by Friday we’ll figure out what’s wrong.”

After fans calculated he’d raised at least $4950 out of them, and believe another $3000 of theft may still be revealed, Craig’s label and management company stepped in and sent him to a rehab centre.

Rise Records boss Craig Ericson and Artery Management head Eric Rushing say in a statement: “Jonny has checked himself into a professional detox facility in California. His addiction needs immediate attention and with help from MusiCares, we were able to make it happen.

“Rise and Artery will reimburse all the people Jonny took advantage of financially. No one will be getting ripped off. We’d like to issue a public apology.

“The Emarosa tour will continue with Tilian Pearson, former vocalist of Tides of Man, filling in for Jonny. All scheduled Dance Gavin Dance shows will happen as planned next month and beyond.

“Everyone from his team wishes Jonny the best in his recovery. We’re all looking forward to the new and improved Jonny.”

DGD’s new album Downtown Battle Mountain II is released on March 8.

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