DevilDriver frontman insists he had to risk everything by quitting outfit before any of the members died from drug abuse

Coal Chamber

Drug deal: Fafara, second left, with Coal Chamber

DevilDriver frontman Dez Fafara insists he had to split previous band Coal Chamber before any of the members killed themselves through drug abuse – and he was perfectly aware the move might involve killing his own career.

Fafara formed DevilDriver in 2002 and Coal Chamber disbanded the following year. At the time he cited a change in musical direction, but he now explains that wasn’t the case.

He tells Disciples of Metal: “Hard drugs and hard alcohol will take tour life away. I left Coal Chamber because of that, not the music. I said I wanted to go in a different direction – but that was because I was friends with all the families in the band and I didn’t want to call them out and say, ‘They’re doing mountains of speed.’

“I realised that if I kept feeding them money they’d keep buying drugs, and they were going to kill themselves.

“Now I’m great friends with the guys and we run into each other six or seven times a year. They’re all clean off the hard drugs. So I did my job properly as a friend – even though I had to kill my career to do it.”

Fafara reveals: “I had to move my family into a one-bedroom apartment and start over. But I did it for my friends.”

DevilDriver are currently touring new album Beast. Bassist Jonathan Miller recently left the band after attending an intense rehab programme and realising he had to keep away from the touring lifestyle for his own good.

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