Guitarist Vinnie says assault charges over wife attack have been dismissed – but truth is they’ve only been “temporarily retired”

Vinnie Vincent

Charges: Vincent

Vinnie Vincent says assault charges filed against him after an incident involving his wife have been dropped – but in fact they’ve only been suspended.

The former Kiss guitarist, real name Vincent Cusano, spent a night behind bars in May after Diane Cusano told police he’d struck her and dragged her through broken glass.

A stand-off involving Rutherford County’s FAST tactical team took place at Vincent’s Tennessee home before he was arrested.

Now he says he was wrongly accused and the charges against him have been cancelled, when in reality they’re subject to “retirement”, meaning he’s not off the hook yet.

And he’s been ordered to attend anger management therapy in return for the chance to have them dropped permanently.

Vincent says: “Unfortunately, and very sadly, I was falsely charged. I’m happy to announce all charges were dropped and the case was dismissed.

“I thank you for helping me face my darkest struggle. You were there when I was hopelessly lost with no direction, to help keep the last of my faith from breaking.

“Your message of love became the moments I will always remember.”

Announcing the re-opening of his fan forum, Vincent says everyone is welcome to join – except a former moderator he describes as “a disturbed, dangerously obsessed and toxic individual.”

“He continues to perpetuate his poisonous and fabricated stories simply to inflict hurt upon me and my family. I ask you all to stay away from this cancer – there are better and more uplifting things in life.”

Vincent was the subject of an animal cruelty investigation after officers discovered four dead dogs on his property following the FAST incident. He explained he hadn’t had the opportunity to bury the pets due to bad weather, and investigators confirmed he wouldn’t face any charges.

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