He becomes the latest musician to embrace the Highland battle instrument as he buys starter set during trip to Glasgow

Bob Dylan

Like a rolling drone: Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan has joined the clan of rock artists who have made use of bagpipes in their career.

The 60s icon sent an assistant to purchase a set of pipes and a starter pack during a recent visit to Glasgow.

A spokesman for the city’s National Piping Centre says: “He’s always wanted to learn. It’s a lovely sound when they are played well, and something to be appreciated.”

Dylan has frequently mentioned his affinity with Scotland. Other acts to have used the pipes, originally designed as an instrument of war, are as wide-ranging as AC/DC, Korn, Gwar, Peter Gabriel, Lacuna Coil, Scorpions and the Darkness.

Scots outfits Nazareth and the Sensational Alex Harvey Band have both featured pipes in their live shows.

SAHB bassist Chris Glen recalls a meeting backstage with Frank Zappa in the 1970s when they were supporting him on tour.

“Me and Alex were in Frank’s dressing room,” Glen tells Rock News Desk. “He asked us about the pipers we used during our song Anthem. He wanted to use them as part of his set.

“But we had to tell him you can’t change the tuning of the pipes – they only play in one key. He was very disappointed.”

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