Limp Bizkit’s Fred misses nu-metal genre vibe – and says sorry for misleading fans over release date for “comeback” album

Limp Bizkit

Comback: Durst and Bizkit

Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst says he’d love to recapture the nu-metal genre spirit by touring with fellow proponents Korn and Deftones.

And he’s apologised for repeatedly misleading fans by announcing release dates for new album Gold Cobra which turned out to be wrong.

Durst tells “I miss the whole genre – rap-rock, nu-metal or rapcore, whatever we were called. There was a time there when you had Bizkit, Deftones and Korn. There was something really special about those times.

“I feel like if we all got back together and did something, went on the road together, it could be really big.”

Gold Cobra is finally released next week after the band reunited with guitarist Wes Borland in 2009. The album has been subject to a number of delays, of which Durst admits: “It’s hard not to hear the group of loud voices talking shit because we didn’t deliver when we said we would.

“It seems to be that any time I announce some sort of date, it’s always wrong. They should know that by now – but my intentions are always pure and sincere.

“But we felt that it’s been so long making the album that taking a little bit more time to get it right wasn’t so bad.”

Durst insists Gold Cobra represents “not a reunion, but a comeback. The epiphany was, we’ve got to own who we are and stay true to who we are.

“We’re a rap-rock band. We individually like different things and none of us listen to rap-rock – but when we get together in a band room, that’s what we make.

“There’s no reason to search and find a newer Limp Bizkit, or find an evolved style to fit the radio format. We don’t have to prove anything. We just have to own it.”

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