McKagan shoots down Super Bowl “bullshit” he heard from his wife as Axl’s $20m Guitar Hero trial date is set

Duff McKagan

Bowl of bullshit: Duff McKagan

Duff McKagan heard the latest Guns n’Roses reunion rumour from his wife, he’s revealed – and admits it’s sometimes difficult to separate fact from fiction even in his own home.

The most recent gossip to sweep the net involves the band’s original lineup regrouping under frontman Axl Rose to perform at next year’s Super Bowl half-time show.

It’s not true – but that didn’t stop McKagan’s wife asking him about it.

The bassist tells Rolling Stone: “It’s bullshit. Pure unadulterated bullshit. But it’s a good story.

“I heard it from my wife. She went, ‘Hey, you know the Super Bowl is asking you guys…’ I’m like, ‘Honey, really? It’s me – you think maybe I’d know about that?

“Even in my own house you can’t differentiate what’s being said on the internet from the real story.”

But McKagan has grown used to the fact that stories like the latest one will keep surfacing. Asked what it would take for the reunion rumours to become reality, he says: “We’d need seven gilded doves… actually, I have no answer. I’ve got to come up with a good one. What about, we’d need a secret clubhouse, on an island?”

Meanwhile, it’s been announced that Rose’s $20million lawsuit against the makes of Guitar Hero will go to trial on January 23 next year in Los Angeles.

The singer is suing Activision for alleged breach of agreement after he said they could use Welcome to the Jungle in Guitar Hero III as long as the title did not feature guitarist Slash or his band Velvet Revolver.

It was subsequently launched with Slash on the cover and throughout the gameplay, and the manufacturer used Sweet Child O’Mine to promote the release, despite only having permission to use it for Guitar Hero II, Rose claims.

The singer’s lawyer says: “This lawsuit is about protecting Guns n’Roses and Welcome to the Jungle, and about holding Activision accountable for misuse of these incredibly valuable assets.”

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