Foo Fighter Grohl celebrates his heroes’ “inconsistencies” and slams high-tech studio gear which gets in the way of human interaction

Dave Grohl

No-tech: Dave Grohl

Foo Fighters mainman and ex-Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl says drum machines are alright for pop music – but they have no place in rock’n'roll.

He believes other high-tech gadgets are destroying the feeling of recorded music, and doesn’t think albums should be pixel-perfect.

Grohl says: “All that shit ruins music these days. Drum machines work for pop artists but when it comes to rock’n'roll, don’t fuck with the human element.

“I had favourite drummers because of their inconsistencies – modern production has robbed drummers of personality and it really pisses me off.”

By way of avoiding high-tech pitfalls Grohl and producer Butch Vig recorded the Foos’ recent album Wasting Light in the frontman’s garage, and used analogue tape instead of digital recording.

The tape was then cut into a million pieces and inserted in early copies of the finished album, although Grohl admits the work had been backed up to digital storage before the original recordings were destroyed.

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