“I got played for the last time,” vows guitarist after frontman’s explanation for failure of attempt to reunite the band

George Lynch

Won't get fooled again: Lynch

Former Dokken guitarist George Lynch has called Don Dokken a “pathological liar” following the singer’s explanation for why a planned classic lineup reunion didn’t take place.

Fans were hopeful the pair had finally buried the hatchet when they appeared together on US TV’s That Metal Show. At the time Lynch, who left the band for a second time in 1997, believed they were about to announce a regroup – and last week Dokken said that was true, but blamed bassist Jeff Pilson for the plan’s collapse.

The singer reported: “I tried my best to make a reunion happen for the fans. When I agreed to do That Metal Show we were going to announce it.

“But at the last minute Jeff asked me not to talk about it because he hadn’t mentioned it to Foreigner’s Mick Jones. Then Jeff said he’s busy with Foreigner for the next few years, so that was that.

“I totally understood – I just wish he’d said something before I agreed to do the show with George.”

Now Lynch says he felt like he’d been duped into appearing on the show. He tells Guitar International: “I felt like a fool. I got played again for the last time. Like an idiot I went along with it, but looking back I see what he was really doing.

“He was blowing wind in his sails by creating the impression there was a reunion pending. He thought his guarantees would go up and people would go to his shows thinking I was in the band.

“If we did reunite we’d all be working for him. He’s a miserable guy and he will stay miserable in his own skin. He’s just a piece of shit.”

Lynch is also enraged at Dokken’s claims the guitarist barely contributed to the band’s 1995 album Dysfunctional.

He says: “That’s a complete lie – he is a pathological liar and you have to remember that.

“What he will never get, and I told him, is: it’s not about the money and success, even though you want people to hear the music. It’s about giving the fans something they’ll enjoy. we’re just the conduits.

“When musicians take themselves too seriously it gets ugly. My heroes are blue-collar people who work for a living – not assholes like him who take credit for shit they don’t do.”

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